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  1. Leanne Drake
    Leanne Drake
    Looking for a front end body kit for a 1996. As with a lot of the Zs mine got curbed too many times and broke the Center fiberglass piece.
  2. Joel
    Looking for theft control unit to disconnect it. It is not behind glove box .Anyone with history on this?
  3. Dr Ed
    Dr Ed
    Today I turned it on, engine running just fine, but all the indicator lights stayed on. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  4. SlikTTop
    Need advise for best diagnosis of recent issue of a "misfire/hesitation/vacuume leak/BOV sticking." Right side turbo fresh rebuilt
  5. SlikTTop
    Previous member local to Phoenix, excited to be back!!
  6. 1ceman
    1ceman Piranha
    new member Hi bought a new throttle position sensor connector the one on the car has two wires the one I bought has three wires what do I do with the third wire
  7. induetime
    Driven by the Dream
  8. Justsomeguy
    Never let me try and fix wiring again please. 2 hours of my life that I didn't have to waste pulling wires for a amp that I don't have
  9. skgoode
    skgoode Piranha
    New Member
    Hey, I'm stumped. Cylinder 1 (bottom right) is not firing. I checked with volt meter to see if the injector plug and coil plug was getting power and it was good. Checked injectors and heard clicking. Changed spark plug and coil pack and nothing. What am I forgetting to check?
    Just got a new Z, i been driving it for a few days and today im losing power and after i start the car it cuts off on me
  11. TJROCK
    what are the most common z32 problems? ive been hearing it gets a lot of problems and is always beaking down.
  12. bbsalexaz
    bbsalexaz skgoode
    Hey man, text me 4806523074
  13. Ruckaz32
    "LADY" the 400 Z.. Lots of plans in her near future . She will be force to reckon with.
  14. maxim
    As of today I am a proud new owner of a beautiful Nissan 300zx 2+2 N/A with 48,000 miles on it! Cheers!
  15. Jose
    Got a new z
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  16. PHX_Z
    Still working
  17. jdtuck13716
    what oil viscosity is best for summer use in 1990 nissan 300zx-non turbo
  18. bbsalexaz
    bbsalexaz 300nAZ
    Hey man if you want another opinion or a second look at the car to make sure it's just a relay, text or call 480-652-3074
  19. maxim
    I always wanted a 300zx and hope to be a proud owner soon! Join me on my adventure to get my dream car!
  20. Jose
    At the paint shop.